Engineering Services for your convenience

Fuel Injector Cleaning

We have a State of the Art Injector Cleaner and tester for checking Flow Rates, Patterns, Leakage, Resistance etc for all your injector cleaning / servicing Needs.

We can offer full injector testing and servicing using new replacement parts – i.e. filters, o-rings, seals, nozzles etc.

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We have all necessary chemicals and tanks for Chemi-Blacking Ferrous components to the highest standard.


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Ultrasonic Component Cleaning

We have a state of the art Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank which is ideal for cleaning small precision components such as carburettor bodies and parts etc.


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General Hot and Cold Cleaning Tanks

We have Two cold and One hot (Aluminium) cleaning tanks able to clean most engine components and blocks / heads / parts etc.


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Bead Blasting

We have an upright fully enclosed media blaster for media blasting Cases Castings and Parts. The current media loaded is a fine Glass Bead which we find gives a very smooth clean finish but is not too abrasive. This is great at removing light corrosion like rust or aluminium oxide and leaving a fine finished surface.

(Note that this process cannot remove heavy corrosion and pitting or damage to parts)


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We have a large tank for Chromating Magnesium cases, castings and parts.

Please note that this process is very dependant on the quality of the magnesium metal and casting itself and will not always give a perfect finish with poor quality parts.