Bespoke Turbo Installations

We have a reputation for our ability to turbocharge any four stroke engine package.

Over the years we have managed to come up with some very innovative solutions to the various problems encountered with one-off turbo cars. After our experience with Formula 1 turbo engines and both Group B and Group C turbo cars, we like to think we are aware of all the problems that need to be resolved to give good reliable power.

We evaluate the specification of all the components around the engine package; this includes the turbo and wastegate, exhaust manifold and system, cooling system and intercoolers. It is also very important to get the inlet requirements correct to achieve the best results.

We also evaluate the capability of the engine loom and sensors to do the job in hand, and ensure the ECU package will run the specified installation.

If you are looking for turbo engine expertise, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Geoff Page Racing. Whether you need us to rebuild an existing turbo or design a bespoke turbo installation for you, we can help. Why not call or email us to find out more.